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iPhone iRepair Much more than just a business. Our main goal is to focus on our costumers not the money and our warranty stands behind our work. Come and be part of our family!

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We are making sure to offer the best prices and customer services that will make us stand out from the rest.


We are dedicated to our customers.


iPhone iRepair focuses on good customer service by providing a quick repair and convenient service. We know how important your device is in your daily life that we would do our best to have your phone fix in as little as possible. Customer service is so important in our company that we have worked after store hours to have your phone fix as our google review shows. 


Most of our repairs will take from 15-20 minutes. Give as a call to find out how long your repair will take. 


If you call, we will  answer or respond with a text message within 10-45 min.  You are also welcome to walk-in if you prefer not to call.

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